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This is a series of thirteen lessons on angels.  In my lessons I try to avoid speculation and design them to follow the Bible. After all, is that not what we are to believe? the word of God!


Angel 1 - Introduction: What is an angel According to the Bible usage?

Angel 2 - The Nature of Angels

Angel 3 - Manifestation of Angels

Angel 4 - Good and Evil Angels

Angel 5 - The Purpose of Good Angels

Angel 6 - Satan the Prince of Fallen Angels (Part One)

Angel 7 - Satan the Prince of Fallen Angels (Part Two)

Angel 8 - The Names of Satan

Angel 9 - Satan and Job

Angel 10 - Fallen Angels in the Old Testament

Angel 11 - Fallen Angels in the New Testament

Angel 12 - Fate of Fallen Angels Before the Flood

Angel 13 - Fate of Fallen Angels After Christ



INTRODUCTION: Angels hold an important place in scripture, and few seem to understand their nature. This lesson will take a look at the basic facts concerning angels.


A.  A Messenger / representative of God

Hebrew [4397]- a messenger, a messenger of God

Greek [32]- a messenger, envoy, one who is sent; In the Scriptures, both of the Old and New Testament, one of that host of heavenly spirits that according alike to Jewish and Christian, wait upon the Monarch of the universe, and are sent by Him to earth to execute his purposes.

1. Judges 13:1-24 Delivered a message for God, Usually in the first person [as if God were speaking].

 2. Angel of the Lord, Jehovah, God.. [3, 6, 9,...]- show the relationship to God. The Angels belong to God, they were created to serve Him.

3. Confused for men [6, 8, 16, 20-21]- They had the ability to take on many physical forms and be undetectable.

4. Angels' names are a secret [17-18]

5. Angels' powers are wondrous [19-21]- their abilities are classified as "supernatural"

B. Members of a formidable Army to carry out military style missions for God - THE HOST OF GOD

Hebrew [4264]- an encampment hence an army.

              [6635]- a mass of persons, especially a mass of persons organized for war.

Greek [4756]- camp-likeness, hence an army

NOTE: an angel is designated a "messenger of God" to give God the glory and the host is most often used in the Title "Lord God of Host" to give God the Glory.

1. Joshua 5:13- prince of Jehovah's host

2. 2Kings 6:8-17 horses and chariots of fire

3. Psa 68:1, 17- God's continual presence among them

4. Psa 103:21- They do God's Pleasure

5. Heb 12:22- The number of angels are beyond counting

C. Angels are superior to men- Psa 8:1-9 Heb 2:6-7

CONCLUSION: We see through these and many other Scriptures that Angels are a being more powerful then mankind but less powerful then God. God uses them to carry out His will.  


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