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Bible27: Informational Web Site   Edited & Maintained by Bobby G. Goodman Jr.

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Bible 27- an informational web site

Edited and Maintained


Bobby G. Goodman Jr.


This site is dedicated to providing information and Bible study material to the public. My guiding principal is to limit the contents to factual Bible material and to reduce opinion or speculative generated material.  I want the information here to be relevant to any person seeking Bible generated source material.  It is my desire to cultivate the philosophy that one must understand what God has actually said before we can attempt to seek the meaning of scripture.  


Bible 27 has a brother site.  It is not a sister site because the other site has to do with issues.  You can go to the Bull's Eye Newsletter to investigate issues within the church.  I would like to keep this site for Bible study and information.  There is some blending of the two but I will attempt to keep them separated.

  Bull's Eye Newsletter


I will keep adding material.  If you have a particular subject you are interested in, e-mail me and I will give it priority.  I have several hundred sermons and most of them are subject studies.  I will also accept questions for a question and answer page.  I regularly get questions from a variety of sources and you can go to the Question and Answer page.  As you as questions and I answer them, I will enter them on that page.

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