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2 Chronicles 24:20


A. Go and Tell fault in Private- Hear then Gained brother (ends problem)

   1. Tell fault (1651)- to convict, to bring to the light, to call to account, to show one his fault, to demand an explanation

B. Not hear then take one or two witnesses to establish conversation

   1. Hear (191)- to attend to, to consider what is or has been said

C. Bring before the church

D. Refuses to hear the church then be as a heathen & Tax Collector

  1. The Jews did not associate with either- Luke 15:1-2 Gal 2:11-12

  2. Evil does great damage- Ecclesiastes 9:18

  3. Eliminating Evil creates peace- Prov. 22:10


A. Condemned for being puffed-up and not wanting evil person removed

  1. Puffed up (5448)- to cause to swell up, high-minded, to be proud

B. Already Judged Such an Immoral Person (Standard Judgment)

  1. In the Assembly Deliver to Satan (return to the world)

C. Purge out the old leaven; the church is unleavened for our Passover Lamb Jesus the Christ. (See Leaven sermon Aug 20, 95)

  1. Purge (1571)-to cleanse out, to clean thoroughly, to cleanse

D. Not to Keep Company or even to Eat with Evil Christians

  1. Company (4874)- to mix up together with; to keep company with, to be intimate with one

E. Put Away the Evil Persons

   1. Put Away (1808)-to lift up or to take away out of a place; to remove


A. For the sinner- 2 Cor 2:5-11

  1. Sinner grieved the church not necessarily the preacher (V. 5)

     a. Grieve (3076)-to make sorrowful, to offend, to make one uneasy, to cause him to have a pang of conscience

  2. Punishment in 1Cor 5 was enough (V. 6)

     a. Sufficient (2425)- sufficient, enough, fit

  3. Church could now forgive him- V. 7-11

     a. Purpose was to save individual

B. For the Church

  1. Prevent sorrow for those concerned with church's welfare- 2Cor 2:1-4

  2. Test of church's obedience- 2Cor 2:9 2Cor 10:4-6

     a. Test(1382)-proving, trial, approved, tried character, specimen of tried worth

  3. Correcting past poor conduct- 2 Cor 7:8-10

    a. Godly Sorrow => Repentance => Salvation

    b. The church disciplining saved them: they were lost by not doing it.

   c. Observable Actions of Correction due to Godly Sorrow Acts 26:19-20

-Diligence (4710)- with haste, diligence, earnestness in accomplishing, promoting, or striving after anything

-clearing of self (627)- verbal defense, speech in defense, a reasoned statement or an argument

-indignation (24)-indignation, irritation, vexation caused by something unjust

-fear (5401)- fear, dread, terror; what strikes terror, respect for God

-vehement desire (1972)- longing, earnest desire

- zeal (2205)- excitement of mind, ardor, fervor of spirit

-vindication (1557)- the meeting out of justice; doing justice to all parties.

-prove yourself clear (53)- pure from every fault, immaculate

C. Ultimately revealed God & the preacher's care for them (V. 12) Heb 12:


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